Adam Jackson wins a Software Sustainability Insitiute Fellowship.

Adam Jackson has been awarded an 18-month fellowship by the Software Sustainability Institute (SSI), starting in 2018: Academic software plays a vital role in modern research, and the SSI exists to support the quality and sustainability of this resource in the UK. As well as promoting “research software engineers” as a distinct professional group (“Supporting people who write code, not papers”), the SSI is involved in training and outreach, working heavily with researchers who do write papers. Adam’s Fellowship goals involve outreach as a researcher in the Materials Chemistry community, as well as work on accessibility issues in research software. The network of SSI Fellows covers a wide range of career stages and research areas; Adam hope’s to learn good practices from other areas and feed them into SMTG’s own software development. Well done Adam!

Seven Masters students join the group.

This year, seven very talented masters students have chosen to join the group to do their research projects! We welcome Venus Cheung (MSci Chemistry), Puja Pramanik (MSci Chemistry with Maths), Kieran Spooner (MSci Natural Sciences), Teng “Daisy” Wang (MSc Materials for Energy and the Environment), Arthur Youd (MSc in Molecular Modelling), Kevin Wohlhauser (MSc in Molecular Modelling) and Gaoxiang “Molly” Di (MSc in Molecular Modelling). Looking forward to a great year of novel science.

Alex Ganose selected for the MRS 2017 Fall Meeting Graduate Student Award Finals

Alex Ganose has been selected as a finalist for the Graduate Student Awards at the 2017 MRS Fall Meeting, which will be held in Boston from the 26th of November to the 1st of December 2017. The MRS Fall meeting is the world’s foremost international scientific gathering for materials research, and this year’s meeting will feature 54 symposia running concurrently, with up to 6000 atendees expected. The Graduate Student Awards final is extremely hard to get in, with the top 30 students from around the globe competing for either a Gold or Silver Medal. Alex is the only UK student in the final, and one of only 3 Europeans who have reached the final. All finalists are guaranteed at least a silver Medal, so Alex is already a winner, but the final decisions will be based on a special session of oral presentations that all of the finalists present at. Adam and I will be there to cheer Alex on as he goes for gold.

Zongda and Ethan join the group

On the 26th of September Zongda Xing and Ethan Rubinstein joined the group as new PhD students. Both will be doing projects in the area of earth abundant photovoltaics! Welcome to the team!

David awarded an ERC Starting Grant

On the 6th of September it was announced that David has been awarded a prestigious ERC Starting Grant worth €1,500,000. The project entitled “Design of Mixed Anion Inorganic Semiconductors for Energy Conversion” (DISCOVER) will commence in February 2018.


Dr Katie Inzani and Kieran Spooner join the group

The group has welcomed two new visiting members this August. Dr Katie Inzani who is a visiting PDRA from the Ceramics Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Katie will be staying with us for 5 months until the end of December. Kieran Spooner, a third year Natural Sciences student has joined us for 8 weeks to study Sn-based solar cell materials.

James Pegg wins M3S Industry Day prize for best oral presentation

Group member James Pegg won the M3S Industry Day prize for best oral presentation by a final year EngD student. Jame’s work is focused on understanding the magnetic structure and surface chemistry of PuO2, and is sponsored by AWE . James is pictured receiving his prize from Professor Ivan Parkin, Dean of the MAPS faculty in UCL.


Alex Ganose wins M3S Industry Day poster presentation award

Alex Ganose won the M3S Industry Day prize for best poster presentation by a second year EngD student. Alex’s research is based on the discovery of new solar cell materials. His EngD is co-sponsored by Diamond Light Souce Ltd. Alex is pictured receiving his prize from Professor Ivan Parkin, Dean of the MAPS faculty in UCL.


Alex Ganose wins Chemistry Department poster presentation prize

Alex Ganose won the annual Computational Chemistry poster presentation prize in the Chemistry Department. Alex’s research is based on the discovery of new solar cell materials. His EngD is co-sponsored by Diamond Light Souce Ltd.

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Chris Savory wins the Catlow Prize for 2017

Chris Savory has won the Catlow Prize, which is awarded for best presentation by a final year PhD student in the Computational Chemistry section. Chris presented his computational work on novel solar cell materials. Chis will now go forward to represent the Computational Chemistry section in the Ramsay Medal final in October. Well done Chris!


Alex Ganose wins “Best Use of ARCHER” competition

Alex Ganose won the “Best Use of ARCHER” competition, which was sponsored by EPCC. Alex’s application was based on his use of ARCHER, the UK’s national supercomputer, to investigate the electronic structure and defect chemistry of Cs2SnI6 in collaboration with Prof Jamie Neilson from Colorado State University (CSU). Alex will use the £3,000 prize money to fund a trip to present his work at the MRS Sping 2018 meeting in Phoenix, and to visit Prof Neilson’s group at CSU.

Winnie Leung wins eMRS poster prize

Winnie Leung, who is in the first year of her PhD has won a poster prize at the eMRS Spring meeting in Strasbourg. Winnie presented a poster on NaSbS2, a promising new solar absorber which she has synthesized in the lab. Winnie is jointly supervised by Dr Rob Palgrave .

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