Photo Gallery

UWO, Bristol, June 2023

Ke Li and Joe Willis travelled to Bristol to present their work at the first ever Ultra-Wide Bandgap Oxide (UWO) meeting in the UK. Joe’s work on Ga2O3 won a poster prize, and Ke had a lot of interest in her Sb(V) based oxides.

 Our long term collaborator Anna Regoutz giving a talk on her Ga2O3 work.

Joe receiving his poster prize.

Ke being probed on her results by Oliver Bierwagen

Joe and Ke showing off their Meatliquor food at another meeting I couldn’t attend!

MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco, April 2023

Over the Easter holidays, Bastien, Seán, Katarina, Sabrine and Joe ventured all the way to San Francisco to represent the SMTG at the 50th anniversary Spring MRS in San Francisco. David couldn’t make it, but from the pictures below, I think the group enjoyed the trip!

Bastien, Katarina, Seán, Sabrine and Joe pose by the MRS Sign.

The alternative pose!

The full list of our presentations at the meeting, courtesy of Katarina.

Katarina delivering her talk on predicting layered oxychalocgenides for water splitting.

Seán giving his GSA award talk, which he smashed, and took home the Gold medal!

Seán giving David’s invited talk!

Sabrine giving her talk on a new Mg-B thermoelectric.

Dinner with UCl friends. Pictured are (from the left, going clockwise around the table) Seán, Connor, Gemma, Sabrine, Joe, Katarina, Bastien, Sam, Mohammed, Marwa and Gareth.

A very large pizza!

Similarly large garlic bread.

Sam Ackerly being excited by said large pizza!

The group enjoying the view at the PRX Energy party David organised but couldn’t attend

And again. They weren’t trying to rub it in, I swear!

Katarina, Joe and Sam enjoying the San Francisco food scene.

Seán trying to work a camera.

APS March Meeting, Las Vegas, 2023

In March, Joe, Bastien, Seán and David ventured to Las Vegas for the APS March Meeting. There was a range of really cool applied physics and materials research on the menu, as well as some really great food and unforgettable Las Vegas scenery.

Seán presenting his work on finding the ground state structures of defects in solids.Joe presenting his work on ZnSb2O6 as a new TCO.

Bastien presenting his work on ferrelectric nitrides.

A typical Las Vegas breakfast.

A Las Vegas lobster roll. It was YUM!  

The view inside Caesar’s Forum.

Some post conference drinks with collaborators. Picture are (left to right) Bastien, Seán, Joe, Tiarnan Doherty (Cambridge), Kevin Vallejo (Idaho National Lab), David and Brelon May (Idaho National Lab).

Joe showing how lamb shank is eaten in Essex.

The canal behind the Venetian Casino.

RSC Solid State Chemistry Xmas Meeting, Cambridge, December 2022

On the 19th and 20th of December, the SMTG made the long trip to Cambridge for the annual RSC SSCG Xmas Party, sorry I mean conference. Some great science was presented, and a lot of fun was had. The group took home two poster awards for Joe and Kat also! Roll on next year in Edinburgh!

Group photo from after the conference dinner, with the full SMTG (Sabrine photoshopped in as she is in Singapore) and group alumni Alex Ganose and Katie, and even Katie’s first PhD student.  From left to right: Sabrine, Wenzhen, Fengchu, Bonan, Ke, Xiaoyu, Kieran, Seán (seated), Joe (standing), Luisa, Adair, Shipeng, David, Lavan, Jiayi, Kat, Alp, Bastien, Savya, Alex, Michael, Dan, Chris, Katie, Alex and Katies first PhD student, Dan Criveanu.

Similar photo, but with Chris Savory looking like he is the most intense man in the world!

Bonan giving his presentation on crystal structure prediction for new Li-ion Cathodes.

Ke looking in admiration at her first ever poster!

Alex explaining everything to Professor John Kilner.

Lavan looking intrigued.


  Just a few pics of the aftermath of the Conference Dinner. 

 MRS Fall 2022, Boston USA


The annual pilgrimage to the MRS Fall meeting in Boston took place again this year. From the 26th of November to the 02nd of December, a number of SMTG members invaded the Hynes Convention centre and presented our work.

Our traditional group photo outside of the Hynes. Picture are (left to right): Adair, Alp, Alex, Joe, Sabrine, David, Ben Williamson (PhD 2018), Katarina, Seán, Alex Ganose (PhD 2018), Bonan and Chris.

Bonan presenting his work on disordered rock salts cathodes.

Sabrine presenting her work on CuInTe2 as a thermoelectric.

Adair presenting his oral on disorder in chalcohalides.

Seán presenting is work on modelling defects in solids.

Kat presenting her work on layered oxysulphides.

Adair with his poster on new solar absorber Cu2SiSe3

Faraday Institution Early Career Researcher Meeting, November 2022

On the 31st of October and the 1st of November, third year PhD students Lavan Ganeshkumar and Jiayi Cen attended the annual Faraday Institution Early Career Researcher Meeting, which was held in the University of Warwick.

Lavan pictured with his poster on defects in LiNiO2.

Jiayi with her poster on the complex defect chemistry of LMNO.

Group Lunch, October 2022

On the 4th of October we had a group lunch to welcome our new PhD and Masters students to the group. We got to meet Savya, Ke and Shipeng, our first year PhDs, and some of the MSc (Aruna, Seulki, Xiangchao, and Oskar) We had pizza in the SRSCR and then headed to the TCR for some drinks. We managed to lose Ke,  Xiaoyu and Bonan for the photo, but they were there on the day, and made it to the pub after!

Pictured from left to right: (Backrow) Xun, Alp,Adair, Alex, David, Dan, Seán, Savya, Lavan. (Front Row) Luisa, Joe, Shipeng, Chris, Kieran, Seulki, Bastien and Kat.

Graduation, August 2022

On the 31st of August, we had the great pleasure of being part of the UCL Chemistry Department Graduation ceremony. It was a special occasion for the group, as two of our former PhD students, Dr Maud Einhorn and Dr Arthur Youd graduated, as well as our excellent MSci from 2022, Katerina Platonova. A great day for the group!

From left to right, Maud, David and Arthur!

Maud’s mum, Maud and David.

Arthur with his huge bottle of Champagne!

David and Katerina Platonova.

Gordon Research Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, August 2022

Seán, Chris, Adair and Joe attended the attended the Gordon Research Conference on Defects in Semiconductors which was held in Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire, USA. Seán presented his work on finding the ground state of defects, Adair had a poster on his new top secret solar absober, Joe presented his work on ZnSb2O6, and Chris presented his work on defects in d0 vacancy ordered perovskites. Lots of science was discussed, lots of excursions and sight seeing were done, very poor quality soccer matches were played, and plenty of good food was eaten!

Sean presenting our ShakeNBreak method.

Chris (left) and Adair (right) discussing the correct way to dismantle a lobster and whether one should wear a bib or not.

Some of the amazing scenery in New London, from one of the excursions.

Solid State Ionics 23, Boston Park Plaza, Boston, July 17th to the 22nd 2022

Another missed conference for David, this time due to a bout of Chickenpox, but Alex Squires, Yong-Seok and Bonan represented the group at the meeting. Below are some snaps from the meeting.

Yong-Seok presenting his work on finding the optimal dopants for Na-ion cathodes.

Bonan presenting his work on using crystal structure prediction to discover new Li-ion Cathodes.

Alex Squires surrounded by questioners at the poster session.

A dinner with collaborators Ben Morgan and Piero Canepa at the Summer Shack.

Conference Dinner with Nobel Prize Winner Stan Whittingham (on Bonan’s left).

The lads found a dinosaur!

4th MCC Conference, Daresbury Laboratory, 6th to the 8th July 2022

Alp Samli and Jiayi Cen represented the group at the UK’s HEC Materials Chemistry Consortium conference, entitled “Materials Modelling using Tera and Petascale Computing. Alp presented a poster on Se as a solar cell material, and Jiayi presented a talk on the defect chemistry of LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4.

Pictured is Jiayi giving her presentation to a captive audience!

MRS Spring Meeting, Honolulu, Hawai’i, May 8th to 13th 2022

A number of the SMTG members (past and present) went to Honolulu for the 2022 Spring MRS Meeting. Seán, Yong-Seok, Kat, Joe and Kieran all presented talks, and so did SMTG alumni Alex Ganose, Ben Williamson and Katie Inzani. Below are some pics from the trip!

Yong-Seok presenting his work on doping of cathodes for Na-ion batteries.

Seán presenting his work on solar absorbers.

Kieran presenting his work on mixed anion thermoelectrics.

Ben Williamson presenting his work on oxyselenides, in collaboration with our group.

Joe Willis presenting his work on gallium oxide.

Kat presenting her work on mixed anion thermoelectrics.

Alex Ganose presenting his work on electronic transport in semiconductors.

Of Course, all work and no play makes the SMTG dull, so here are some photos of the social events that occured!

TYC Student Day, QMUL, May 05th 2022

Our return to normality continued with the first in-person TYC Student day in 2 years held in Queen Mary. Luisa from the group gave a talk on wide band gap oxides as potential Thermoelectrics, Alp presented a poster on Se as a solar cell material, Adair presented his work on disorder in mixed metal chalcohalides, and Sabrine presented her work on the thermoelectric properties of CuInTe2.

Luisa giving her presentation!

Alp with his poster!

Adair with his poster!

Sabrine with her poster!

SupersolarHub Advances in Photovoltaics Meeting, IOP London, March 23rd 2022

Great to be at a real world conference for the first time in over two years! Here is Seán Kavanagh presenting his work on AgBiS2 for phovoltaics applications at the SuperSolarHub Advances in Photovoltaics meeting at the IOP.

MRS Fall Meeting, Boston 29th November to 02nd December 2021

After two years without a proper in-person conference, some adventurous souls from the group braved the pandemic to attend the MRS Meeting in Boston. David was very jealous that he couldn’t go, but the group was very well represented and here are a few of the pics from the trip.

From left to right for both the masked and unmasked shots: Seán, Luisa, Joe,  Maud, Kat, Dan, Chris, Yong-Seok, Kieran and Lavan.

Yong-Seok delivering his talk on dopants in Na2Mn3O7 in the grand ballroom of the Sheraton hotel

Dan, Kat and Lavan presenting their posters

Well earned beers after the first poster session on Tuesday Night, where Kat, Dan and Lavan presented their work.

Luisa giving her presentation on Thermoelectrics.

Joe delivering his talk on CaCuP defects.

Group night out to see the Boston Celtics play.

Seán presenting his work on chalcoiodides.

Luisa presenting her SnO2 surfaces work.

Maud explaining the complexities of LaZnOP as a thermoelectric.

Chris Savory presenting his study of excitonic effects in low dimensional halide perovskites.

Seán explaining carrier capture in CdTe.

Group Lunch, October 08th 2021

After nearly 19 months of remote working, we were finally able to have a group lunch, to celebrate the new staff who has started and we had never met in the flesh, and to say goodbye to the leavers and celebrate the PhD graduates. Not everyone could make it, but it was a lovely way to start the new academic year.

Pictured from left to right Xun, Ethan, Lavan, Joe, Daniel, Arthor, Sabrine,David, Luisa, Xiaoyu, Kat, Jiayi, Bodoo, Kieran, Adair, Bonan and Alex.

We then proceeded to have a fantastic meal at MeatLoquor Bloomsbury, followed by some very civilised group drinks!

Katarina Brlec gives a talk at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Slovenian Chemical Society, September 16-18 2020

In a year devoid of conferences due to COVID19, Katarina became the first (and only) person from our group to give an in person talk at an in real life conference in 2020! She presented her work from the first year of her PhD on “Understanding the photocatalytic activity of La5Ti2AgS5O7 and La5Ti2CuS5O7: Computational insights” at the 26th Annual Meeting of the Slovenian Chemical Society in a very picturesque Portorož-Portorose, Slovenija.


Pictured is Kat presenting her work to a captive real life audience.

RSC SSCG Xmas Meeting, Liverpool, December 16-17 2019

At the 39th Royal Society of Chemistry Solid State Chemistry Group Xmas Meeting, hosted in the University of Liverpool, the group attended in numbers with Warda giving a talk and Maud, Kieran, Chris, Luisa, Kat, Joe and Ethan presenting posters. David stepped down as the Honorary Secretary of the group after 3 fun packed years, and we are already looking forward to the Meeting in 2020 when it returns to UCL for the 40th anniversary.

Image from iOS

A pre-dinner picture in the Luytens Cryypt of the Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral. From left to right: Chris, Seán, Arthur, Joe, Kat, Luisa, Dan, Maud, David, Warda, Tim Veal, Kieran, Ben and Ethan.


Warda delivering her masterpiece on Bi2Sn2O7.

Christmas Group Pic, December 2019

The group’s third annual group pic, taken at our group Xmas party.


From left to right Chris, Kierna, Warda, David, Joe, Luisa, Kat, Maud, Conor, Ethan, Nell, Shucayb, Lavan, Jamol, Oladele and Sid. Missing are Zongda, Arthur and Winnie, who couldn’t make it.

Graduation, September 2019

On the 4th of September, we had the great pleasure of being part of the UCL Chemistry Department Graduation ceremony. It was a special occasion for the group, as our first four PhD students, Dr Alex Ganose, Dr Ben Williamson, Dr Chris Savory and Dr James Pegg, all received their PhDs, and our incoming PhD students Luisa Herring-Rodriguez and Katarina Brlec received their MSci Chemistry degrees. Current SMTG PhD student Arthur Youd also received his MSc in Molecular Modelling. Last years MSci students, Seb Palmer, Shareef Sbaiti and Adrien Richard all got their MSci Degrees, and Teng Wang received her MSc in Materials for Energy and Environment. A great day for the group!


The first four! From left to right: Chris, Ben, David, James and Alex


Ben with his now customary posed academic family portrait! From left to right: David, Ben and Dr Gemma-Louise Davies


Professor Rob Palgrave in his usual pose! From left to right: David, Rob and Gemma.


Arthur with his brother! From left to right: Arthur Youd and Josiah Youd.


Our four MSci students celebrate their degrees! From left to right: Shareef, Kat, Adrien and Seb.

Adam and Ben’s Leaving Lunch, March 2019

Unfortunately Dr Ben Williamson and Dr Adam Jackson’s time in the group is coming to a close, and they are moving on the bigger (and maybe better) things! Ben will be moving to the Ceramics Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology to work with Professor Sverre Magnus Selbach, and Adam will be taking up a position with the STFC Scientific Computing Division at Harwell. We will miss them both very much! Ben has been with the group from day one, as he was David’s first Masters student back in 2014!


From left to right Maud, Adam, Zongda, Winnie, Chris, Joe, David, Ben, Ethan, Warda and Kieran. Not present was John Buckeridge who is on jury duty, and Arthur who is skiing in Andora!!

Profesor Oba’s visit to UCL, February 2019

As part of the UCL – Tokyo Institute of Technoloy core-to-core project, we were very happy to welcome Professor Fumiyasu Oba and two of his students to visit and discuss science. Of course we had to have them try a UCL staple: an all you can eat buffet from the curry houses on Drummond Street!


From left to right Yasuhide Mochizuki (Mochi), Professor Fumiyasu Oba, David and Tomoya Gake!

RSC SSCG Xmas Dinner, December 2018

The group had a lot of fun at the RSC Solid State Chemistry Group XMas Meeting held in UCL. The dinner was entertaining as usual!


From left to right David, Ben, Ethan, Chris, Katie, Kieran, Winnie and Maud!

Christmas Group Pic, December 2018

The group’s second annual group pic, taken at our group Xmas party, beside a very sad looking Xmas tree!


From left to right Katarina, Shareef, Adrien, Chris, John, Kierna, Arthur, Ethan, Joe, Adam, Zongda, Ben, David, Maud, Seb and Warda. Missing is Winnie, who couldn’t make it.

Scopus Early Career Researcher UK Awards, October 2018

Here is a video featuring our own Alex Ganose, which was shown at the awards ceremony at the Royal Society! Well done Alex!

For the more professional version, it is available here at this website

Graduation, September 2018

Congrats to our 2017-2018 MSci students who graduated on the 4th of September! Well done guys!


From left to right: Puja, Kieran and Venus.

Gordon Research Conference on Defects in Semiconductors, August 2018

David, Adam, Alex, Ben, Chris and Katie attended the Gordon Research Conference on Defects in Semiconductors which was held in Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire, USA. The conference was fantastic, with plenty of great science, great food and interesting excursions!


Front row, second from left is David, third row fifth, seventh and eight from the left are Adam, Chris and Katie, and fifth row seventh and eight from the left are Alex and Ben.


From left to right: Ben, Katie, Chris and Alex walking to Pleasant Lake for an afternoon swim.

RSC SSCG Xmas Dinner, December 2017

The group had a lot of fun at the RSC Solid State Chemistry Group XMas Meeting in Reading, where Adam gave a great talk. The dinner was legendary as usual!


From left to right Jacob (Walsh Group), Chris, Adam, Ethan, Alex, David, Katie, Zhenyu, Zongda, Ben and Winnie.

Christmas Group Pic, December 2017

As the group winds down for the RSC Solid State Chemistry Group XMas Meeting in Reading, and the holiday, we got the chance to have a group picture for the first time.


From left to right Katie, Winnie, Zongda, Ethan, David, Zhenyu, Adam, Ben, Alex, Chris, Kieran, Puja, and Venus.

Celebrating Graduation, September 2017

Our three MSci students Alex Squires, James Bolland and Nana Baffour recieved their degrees in the big tent on Russell Square. It was great to be able to share a glass of bubbly with them as they depart on their post UCL journey. Alex is heading to the University of Bath to do a PhD with Dr Ben Morgan, James is working for npower, and Nana is going to train to be a lawyer.


Pictured above is Alex Squires, and below is James Bolland.


Group Lunch, August 2017

Welcoming visiting PDRA Dr Katie Inzani and summer student Kieran Spooner to the group, and celebrating recent group succcesses.


Pictured from left to right are Adam, Chris, James, Winne, Ben, Zhenyu, Kieran, David, Alex and Katie.

MC13 Liverpool, July 2017

Adam, Alex and Zhenyu enjoying Liverpool!

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eMRS Spring Meeting, Strasbourg, May 2017

Adam, Alex, Ben, Chris and Winnie representing the group!

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