Research Group

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Adam Jackson


Adam grew up in London before moving to the University of Bath to obtain an MEng in Chemical Engineering. Through the inter-disciplinary Center for Sustainable Chemical Technologies he found himself working on energy materials in the computational chemistry research group of Professor Aron Walsh. This led to a PhD studying the thermodynamics of the Cu-Zn-Sn-S system for solar energy materials. At UCL Adam is working to understand and improve a range of transparent conducting oxide materials. Adam enjoys producing, performing and criticising music as well as attending live events. Likes: thermodynamics, real ale, Emacs, black coffee, Arctangent Festival. Dislikes: Radio One, ineffective hand dryers.

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Visiting Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr Katherine Inzani


Originally from London, Katherine studied for an MEng in Materials Science at the University of Oxford before moving to Norway. She completed her PhD in the Ceramics Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with a thesis titled, Structure-Property Relations of Reduced Molybdenum Trioxide. This led to a post-doc position researching oxide materials for intermediate band solar cells, for which she hopes to gain knowledge and inspiration during her visit to Dr David Scanlon’s group. Katherine enjoys cabin trips, wildlife and the cold weather of Norway but prefers the choice of restaurants in London.

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PhD Students: 1st Supervisor

James Pegg 2013-2017


James T. Pegg obtained a MSc in Chemistry from the University of Nottingham. There, his final year project entitled ‘Investigation 3+2 Cycloadditions Towards the Total Synthesis of Securinine’ specialised in Organic Chemistry. He moved to University College London where he obtain a MRes in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science in 2014. His EngD focuses on the computational modelling of the actinide oxides. He is especially interested in teaching and demonstrating. In his spare time he enjoys pubs, walks and traveling.

Ben Williamson 2014-2017

prof pic

Ben Williamson is originally from Rochester in Kent and has just completed a Masters in Chemistry from UCL. His 4th year project was on the ‘Computational Design of Next Generation P-Type Semiconductors’, looking at layered oxychalcogenides for TCO applications under the supervision of Dr. David Scanlon. He also carried out a literature review in his third year on the topic of Z-Scheme materials for photovoltaics and photocatalysis. Ben’s PhD work will be looking into mechanisms for doping and alloying TiO2 in order to improve upon the light harvesting abilities for photocatalytic applications such as water splitting and antimicrobial surfaces. Outside of Chemistry, Ben is an illustrious tenor, keen cyclist and like any Chemist, enjoys a drink.

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Chris Savory 2014-2017


Chris is from West Sussex, and spent his time as an undergraduate at the University of Oxford, graduating with an first class MChem degree. He spent his final year there attempting to find geometrical frustration in a variety of metal pseudohalide salts. Now at UCL, Chris is moving further into computational chemistry and will be attempting the prediction and synthesis of hybrid perovskite materials for use in photovoltaics. Away from the lab, Chris is a bit of a quiz enthusiast, and also likes to play squash, video games and to try to get through his collection of unread books.

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Alex Ganose 2014-2018


Alex Ganose is from Manchester, he defected to London to study Natural Sciences at UCL where he received a first. His 4th year project was with Dr Hugo Bronstein, synthesising novel covalent organic frameworks for use in gas storage. Alex’s PhD project is focused on ab initio prediction of new materials for photovoltaic cells. He spends too much time in front of a computer.

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Wei Winnie Leung 2016-2019


Winnie Leung is originally from Hong Kong and moved to England when she was 17. She graduated with a first in MSci Chemistry and decided to stay on for her PhD project, jointly supervised by Dr. David Scanlon and Dr Robert Palgrave. Her PhD project is about transparent conducting metal oxides for renewable energy applications, which she will be studying using a combination of computational and experimental techniques. When she is away from the lab, she likes to go swimming and eats a lot of cakes! (Work hard and eat hard!) she also likes travelling and her dream is to travel to Mars one day! Oh and she is also a snapchat addict so watch out for Winnie if she’s around!

Ethan Rubinstein 2017-2020


Ethan Rubinstein grew up in London and completed his undergraduate MSci degree at UCL. His fourth year project was on “Determining the surface structures of Weyl semimetals TaAs and NbP” supervised by Dr. John Buckeridge. Continuing at UCL his PhD research project will use structural prediction methods to discover new solar cell absorber materials. When his computations yield frustrating results Ethan takes it out on the targets at ULU archery.

Zongda Xing 2017-2020


Zongda Xing is originally from Nanjing, China and currently doing his PhD project after completing his MSc courses here at UCL. In his project, he decided to take a step further from his master’s project and use ab initio methods to investigate a wider range of earth abundant materials for their photovoltaic applications. Away from lab, Zongda enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, mountain climbing and cycling.


Visiting PhD Students

Zhenyu Wang 2016-2018


Zhenyu Wang is from Xi’an, China, and he will study in UCL as a joint PhD student for 18 months. He used to work on the catalytic cathodes of lithium air batteries (LABs). Now at UCL, Zhenyu will start a new project focused on the new materials for hybrid perovskite solar cells under the supervision of Dr David Scanlon and Professor Chunming Niu. Zhenyu enjoys material structure characterization and properties prediction of new materials, and is familiar most of the popular density functional theory packages. Outside of the lab, Zhenyu likes to play ping pong and spend time delving into the go game.

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PhD Students: 2nd Supervisor

Felicity Taylor 2014-2017


Felicity Taylor is originally from Bedfordshire and completed her undergraduate degree in York, receiving a first class MChem, before moving to UCL to study for her PhD. Under the supervision of Prof. Richard Catlow, Dr John Buckeridge and Dr David Scanlon, Felicity is modelling defects and ion migration in potential cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells, focusing on LaFeO3 based materials. When not in front of a computer, Felicity volunteers for St John Ambulance and likes to bake and go on hikes.

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Dominic Chaopradith 2014-2017


Dominic is from Jersey in the Channel Islands and studied for his undergraduate MChem degree at the University of Bath. His 4th year project involved catalyst synthesis for bio-diesel production from algal feedstocks under the supervision of Professor Matthew Davidson. Dominic’s PhD work focuses on simulating catalytic partial oxidation of methane on yttria-stabilized zirconia through the use of density functional theory calculations. He has won university national championships in both American football and cheerleading.

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Jon Rackham 2014-2018


Jon is from Maidstone, Kent and graduated from Cambridge with a BA and MSci in Experimental and Theoretical Physics. His Masters project on magnetic phase plates was conducted in the Thin Film Magnetism group of the Cavendish laboratory where he continued to work on thin film growth. After an internship with Oxford Instruments NanoAnalysis he started his PhD under Dr Michelle Moram of Imperial College and Dr David Scanlon of UCL in the CDT in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials. He is studying the growth and characterisation of polar/non-polar oxide heterostructures for use in wide band gap devices. His work with Dr Scanlon will be modelling the systems in parallel to the experimental work. When not in a lab Jon can probably be found on one of his many bikes or enjoying a few beverages while fixing them.

Qing Hou 2016-2020

Qing Hou

Qing Hou is originally from China. Her PhD project is on atomistic simulations of transparent conducting oxides under the supervision of Professor Richard Catlow and Dr David Scanlon. Outside the lab, Qing enjoys fitness, dancing and travelling.

Jone-Him Tsang 2016-2020


Jone is from London and studied at the University of Sussex for his undergraduate MChem degree. His fourth year project was on the ‘Synthesis of Sterically Hindered Low Coordinate Metal Centres for Small Molecule Activation’ under the supervision of Dr John Turner. Now at UCL, Jone is working on his MRes in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science. His EngD which is jointly supervised by Dr Chris Blackman and Dr David Scanlon focuses on low power metal oxide based gas sensors. Away from chemistry, Jone likes to play american football and spend his time in front of a computer.

Rachael Smith 2017-2020


Rachael Smith is from Kent and has just graduated with a first in MSci Chemistry from UCL. Her 4th year project was on ‘Stacking Disorder in AB Materials’ under the supervision of Dr. Christoph Salzmann. Rachael’s PhD project will continue to look at Stacking Disorder within materials and their potential applications which she will be studying using a combination of computational and experimental techniques under the joint supervision of Dr. David Scanlon and Dr. Christoph Salzmann. Outside of Chemistry, Rachael enjoys going to the gym and travelling.

Hugues Lambert 2017-2021


Hugues is originally from Belgium where he studied Materials Science at the Louvain School of Engineering. He worked during his Masters on the prediction of optical properties of small organic molecules using first principles methods. Now at the UCL under the supervision of Prof. David Scanlon, Dr. Tung Chun Lee and Dr. Yong-Wei Zhang (A*STAR Singapore), his focus is on the selection and modelling of organic compounds able to undergo exotic chemistry inside of cucurbiturils . Away from his workstation, Hugues loves going on exploratory trips on his bike, attempting audacious solid soap formulations from internet-scavenged recipes and reading everything he comes across.


Masters Students 2017-2018

Kieran Spooner


Kieran is from Auckland, New Zealand but has lived most his life in London. He is currently attempting to find transparent thermoelectrics for his MSci in Natural Sciences. He has also screened layered tin perovskites for photovoltaic applications as a summer student. In his spare time he plays video games, reads, attempts to do parkour, runs and walks.

Puja Pramanik


Puja was born and raised in Vienna, Austria and moved to London when she was 12. She is currently in her fourth year at UCL studying Chemistry with Maths. In third year, she completed a literature review on Ionic Liquids. Her masters project will be on the ‘Computational Screening of Novel Layered Oysulphides for Renewable Energy Applications’ under the supervision of Dr. David Scanlon. In her spare time, Puja enjoys playing pool, desserts and binge-watching TV shows.

Venus Cheung

Venus is in her fourth year at UCL studying Chemistry. Her fourth year project is on the study of structural disorder in zinc tin nitride and related compounds. In her free time, Venus enjoys playing golf, tennis and reading.

Teng Wang

Teng Wang (Daisy) is originally from Hebei, China and is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Materials for Energy and Environment at UCL. Supervised by Dr David Scanlon, she will start her literature project and research project, which will focus on thermoelectrics. When she is away from the lab, she likes music as well as reading.

Arthur Youd

Arthur grew up on a farm in wales before swapping the tractor for a test tube at UCL chemistry where he received a BSc in Chemical Physics in 2016. He then qualified as a Physics and Chemistry teacher at the University of Chester in 2017. Arthur soon realised he missed the intellectual challenge of chemistry but not the acetone fumes of the lab so discovered the world of Computational Chemistry. He is now studying for his MSc in Molecular Modelling in the M3S IDC. When he isn’t putting a supercomputer through its paces he is either snowboarding or sampling the culinary delights of china town.

Kevin Wohlhauser

Kevin PP
Kevin is originally from Switzerland and completed his BSc in Chemistry at the Technical University of Munich. He’s currently doing his MSc at UCL and writing his Master thesis on novel oxide thermoelectrics under the supervision of Dr. David Scanlon. Outside of Chemistry, Kevin enjoys being involved in numerous sporting activities including tennis, skiing and athletics.

Gaoxiang Di

Gaoxiang Di (Molly) is originally from Jiangsu, China and before entering UCL she completed her BSc in Chemistry at the University of Birmingham. She is currently studying for her Master’s degree in Molecular Modelling. With Dr. Scanlon’s supervision she has started her research in transparent conducting oxides. Outside the chemistry she also enjoys movies, cooking and travelling.